Radio Communication Services

We can provide preventive maintenance for VHF/HF/SSB/AM (Such as to check the receiving and the transmitting radio signal strength) for all existing analogue and digital radio at any premise.

Whenever the need to programme the channel frequencies for the based radio and walkie-talkie. We are able to provide the service for them.

Regardless the cost, as long there is a need. We can provide whatever that suits your need.

Digital Microwave Radio

It is Fixed point-to-point microwave systems provide moderate-capacity digital transmission between well-defined locations. Most popular in situations where fibre optics or satellite communication is impractical, it is commonly used for cellular or PCS site interconnectivity where digital connectivity is needed but not economically available from other sources, and in private networks where reliability is most important. Until now, no book has adequately treated all engineering aspects of microwave communications in the digital age. This important new work provides readers with the depth of knowledge necessary for all the system engineering details associated with fixed point-to-point microwave radio path design: the why what, and how of microwave transmission; design objectives; engineering methodologies; and design philosophy (in the bid, design, and acceptance phase of the project)

We can provide preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and installation for this Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) System.