Safety and Security

Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) System

The public Address and General Alarm system is an important part of internal communication. PAGA technical field is integrated PABX (phone system) and the audio/video intercom, paging, broadcast, commend and other communication function. It is classified as the most critical equipment you need to deliver crystal clear messages and alarms throughout the facility to guarantee the safety of your personnel.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Installation

The Analog and Digital (IP Network base) CCTV installation for CCTV Camera using the latest technology. Which is able to display clear footage from a long distance without fail and able to withstand all forms of weather.

Public Address (PA) Installation

The Public address system is made using the latest solution designed for outdoor and indoor use. It is either an analogue base connection or digital base connection or a hybrid of both.

Our Products

Moflash - Beacons

Moflash LED beacons/lights offer a wide choice of light outputs, sizes, voltages and provide the option of selectable operation modes such as flashing or non-flashing (static/steady)

The LED450 is the newest addition to the range and being IP66, it is suitable for applications within very harsh environmental conditions.